Even AIDS Dissidents Should Fight Paul King

Dear AIDS Dissidents (not Paul King, only real Dissidents),

What exactly is it that you want from forums like this or attacking MSN AIDS realist groups when you have absolutely no interest in learning about the real HIV/AIDS truths? It puzzles me why you would troll around these forums (post hundreds of repetitive postings) when they are set up by people eager to escape your evil nonorthodoxy, and you have plenty of your own. It is even more puzzling to me that you are so quick to begin attacking people and so slow to produce any scientific or experiential evidence to support your claims of "HIV is fake". Look in the mirror sometime as what I see from your writing is something more akin to a Neo-conservative Christian Fundamentalist than a rational human being engaged in a discussion of fraudulent treatment options and false theories of immune deficiency is fake.
Don't you dissident's realize Paul King is giving AIDS Dissidents a whacko look and feel? He is ruining you and the more he is provoked, the crazier he gets. He goes into forums and ruins the forum and everyone know this, no one will even bother reading the repeated postings and they can see that it is just fanatical crazy jerk. Even AIDS Dissidents should rid of Paul King if they want any body to possibly believe them some decade...
I heard a rumour that Paul King is actually an AIDS apologist who's mission is too make dissident's look bad with the crazy hacking and posting techniques, no one believes a whacko so let's make DISSIDENTS LOOK WACKO is the moto to Paul King!

Paul King drove me crazy for so many years with his attacks/harrasment that I made this board and other AIDS apologists have started ANTI DISSIDENT campaigns also because of Paul King's crazed lunitic styled posts and rants, and the way he attacks anyone who disagrees is very unappealing to have in any forum. No wonder the DISSIDENTS are getting a bad reputation!

I am a man with a very bad heart, few heart surgeries (open heart surgery giving me HIV) and I still need a pace maker! All of Paul Kings attacks stressed me out so bad I has having palipitations every time I monitored my forums. From about year 2000-2003 I receieved about 15,000 postings from Paul King just to my http://www.HIVforum.com (never mind my 10 guestbooks, search engines, links adds, chat rooms, etc) alone! I even had to go to the emergency room a few times due to the stress. 75% of those postings were repeated "copy & paste" messages, over and over again! That is an out right attack on my business, I think this is illegal to do even for American citizens like Paul King! Times the attacks got so bad, i would just shut my servers down, now my 500 chat members could no longer get the chat therapy they need, my 3,500 dating/penpal members couldn't recieve replies or use services (free anyhow, but I felt so guilty). One time I shut my sites down for a week (due to Paul's relentless attacks) and later found out a member committed suicide and I believe it is my fault because if my sites were up, the person (suicide victim) could have chatted with us like usual for support in times of need and desperation (the person had let us know their manic behavior, but we helped out).

If it wasn't for Paul King, I would never have done any of this, you can only walk all over me for so many years before i get mad!

Paul King is ruing the AIDS Dissidents reputation (I will help him with my ANIT Dissident campaign and so will others who help me), Paul King is my hero in a way (will fully be my hero once he totally destroys the AIDS Dissidence name, keep up the good work Paul)...
You will encounter people who will tell you not to take your HIV meds and that is wrong! These aids disidents have their own groups but because nobody cares to listen to them they have to invade our groups and spread lies
Even the dissidents hate Paul King as he ruins their reputaion for milder manner tactics. Sane dissidents stick to their own forums, Paul King attacks the world and posts hate to anyone who questions him. This crazy reaction and his crazed fanactical responses only make the world laugh at dissidents, he's turned it into a "side show" or a "freak show" (like the nasty aids baby picture he gets off on).

Heard a rumour that Paul King is just some guy trying to make dissidents look bad, HAHAHAHA!

http://aids-dissidents.blogspot.com is a blog I just had to start exposing AIDS dissidents, Paul King is to thank for me starting it! You can post anonymous comments here where you expose a dissident too (make sure you provide the source URL so we can verify it is public data).

I hope every dissident sees this and bans Paul King from their "anti aids cult"!
http://www.aimultimedia.com/daglinks/links.html supplies the details below, from paul kings site, he makes these addresses public knowledge!

Brooklyn, NY

Contact: Orville Nelson Phone:

(718) 493-4474

Cleveland, Ohio

Contact: Frank Green

E-mail: fgreen@en.com

Postal: 2405 Tremont Ave., Cleveland, OH 44113

Phone: (216) 771-0628

Denver, Colorado

Contact: Marty Fryer, Steven Allen

E-mail: mountainvu@earthlink.com

Postal: 1756 High Street, Denver, CO 80218

Phone: (303) 355-0788 or 634-4248

Detroit, Michigan

Contact: Paul Philpott

E-mail: philpott@wwnet.com

Postal: 30545 Sandhurst Court #204, Roseville, MI 48066 Phone:

(810) 772-9926 Reappraising AIDS

website: http://rethinkingaids.com/

Hartford, Connecticut

Contact: Keith Brown Postal:

70 Amity Street,Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: (860) 236-5115

Huntsville, Alabama

Contact: Rhett Mitchell

Website: http://HEALhuntsville.VirtualAve.net

E-mail: StarSeller@aol.com

Postal: P. O. Box 4444, Huntsville, AL 35815

Phone: (256) 883-9850 (or try (256) 883-9106)

Miami, Florida

Contact: Todd Miller

E-mail: todd33@ix.netcom.com

Postal: 729 Meridian Avenue #8, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: (305) 538-0898

New Hampshire

Contact: Dr. Michael Dennis Paul

E-mail: mdp@gsinet.net

New York

Contact: Michael Ellner, Tom Di Ferdinando

Website: http://www.healaids.com

E-mail: revdocnyc@aol.com

Postal: Old Chelsea Station, P.O.Box 1103, New York City, NY 10113

Phone: (212) 873-0780 Fax: (212) 873-0891

Portland, OR

Contact: Bill Wells, Bob Terry

Website: http://members.tripod.com/~HEAL_Portland

E-mail: bwport@worldnet.att.net

Postal: 2374 SW Cedar Street, Portland, OR 97205

Phone: (503) 227-2339

San Diego, CA

Contact: Mark Conlan, Editor of Zengers

Website: http://www.HEALSD.org E-mail:

HEALSanDiego@aol.com Postal: PO box 50171, San Diego, CA 92165

Phone: (619) 688-1886

Washington DC

Contact: Matthew Irwin, MD

E-mail: HEALDC@hotmail.com or irwin18@gwu.edu

Postal: 2226 William and Mary Drive, Alexandria, VA 22308

Phone: (703) 780-2865



Contact: Carl Strygg, Robert Johnston

Website: www.healtoronto.com

E-mail: enquiriers2healtoronto.com

Postal: 993 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON, Canada, M4M 1K2

Phone: (416) 406-HEAL


Abuja, Nigeria HEAL Nigeria - Abuja

Contact: Chris Edeh

E-mail: edehchris@hotmail.com

2396 Addis Ababa Crescent Wuse, Zone 4, Abuja


Postal Address: Po Box 6912 Wuse, 900421 Abuja

Barranquilla, Columbia

E-mail: halfonso@col3.telecom.com.co

Phone: 011-57-5-368-8676

Berlin e. V, Germany

Contact: Marc Rackelmann

Website: http://www.heal-berlin.de/start.html

E-mail: mr@heal-berlin.de

Tel: +49-30-532 16 383

Postal: Kiefholzstr. 16, D-12435 Berlin

Bucaramanga, Columbia

E-mail: feleones@multicomputommultinet.com.co

Phone: 011-57-7-652-4958

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contact: Ricardo Leschot, MD

Phone: 011-54/831-5900

Kampala, Uganda

Contact: Peter Kasule/ COTS

E-mail: nacwola@infocom.co.ug c/o:

National Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (NACWOLA)

Postal: NACWOLA HEADQUARTERS, MAKINDYE, Lukuli Nanganda Road, Kampala, Uganda.

Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: Castor Kweyu

E-mail: c.kweyu@cgiar.org

Postal: Old Naivasha Rd. P.O Box 30709 Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: 630743 ext.4960

Fax: 631499 (Atten. Castor Kweyu)

NŸrnberg, Germany

Website: http://members.aol.com/nuejo61/

E-mail: egrad1@rol.com

Phone: 011-49/911-390-712

Paris, France Association Mark Griffiths (A.M.G.),

Website: http://perso.wanadoo.fr/sidasante/

E-mail: Mark Griffiths@wanadoo.fr

Postal: La MŽtairie Blanche, 11190 La Serpent, France.

TŽl: (33) 04 68 31 27 91

Phone/Fax: 256 41 269694

Thanks for supplying this data for us paul king (you cant complain now jerk, it's your own data)!
http://www.aimultimedia.com/daglinks/healgroups.html is the page that paul king lists aids dissidents phone numbers and such (above posting was wrong). I hope every dissident on this page will contact AImultimedia.com's internet provider and domain name resellor to have him shut down!

Even other dissidents know Paul King is a slimey twisted cockroach...

oke! i dont know paul that much. i am no expert. but yes he talks alot! but now saying that he is tottaly wrong ! i dont agree with you there! there are many "real" docters/researchers who come to the conclution that something is not right about the hiv/aids theory and the have articles, papers , research to prove that!
I remember Paul King from the About.com HIV forum, where he behaved exactly the way you describe and was one of the reasons I left that forum. (The other reason was that About.com had w-a-y too many annoying ads.)

He would target newcomers who had just tested positive and try to persuade them not to take their meds. He also tried to prove that latex condoms are more dangerous than HIV! Not surprisingly, if I remember correctly, he once admitted that he has tested HIV+ himself. But now he doesn't believe in HIV tests, just as he doesn't believe in HIV - never mind that it is the most-studied virus in history and we have detailed molecular models!

If he is who he says he is, his motives are obvious: (a) he doesn't want to be obliged to use condoms, and (b) he doesn't want to admit he has a deadly virus.

But since he doesn't believe in condoms, he could be endangering the lives of others in more ways than one. I hope he is aware that it is now a serious legal offense for someone known to be HIV+ to have unprotected sex without disclosing their status.

My roommate caught the virus back in 1985 because Bill Vander Zalm, then Premier of BC, refused to provide any public educational materials on the subject. There were always rumours going around about terrible new diseases, and members of the gay community relied on the Ministry of Health information sheets at the health clinics to help them tell fact from fiction. Seeing no government handouts about AIDS along with the ones for other STDs, many people mistakenly assumed that AIDS must be only an urban legend.

Thanks to the new drugs, my roommate is still around, though after 21 years of HIV his health is beginning to fail. But most of his gay friends from that era died of AIDS before an effective treatment became available. HIV is one area where ignorance can kill.

Eventually Paul King's time is bound to run out. But how many other people will he take down with him? If he is continuing to harass HIV forums in the way you describe, perhaps some kind of legal restraining order could be taken out against him.
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Davye Boy i've been HIV+ for so long, looking at all sides of the argument so long, that one would have to be an idiot to disregard the dissident view. I tell you one thing: if I had continued combo therapy, i'd be dead now.
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