AIDS Dissidents - Truths About AIDS Denialists

AIDS Apologists VS AIDS Dissidents - Truths About AIDS Denialists

**Many groups/forums are being attacked by AIDS dissidents (we have had the same problem from sites like dissidentaction and virusmyth or from paulking, so we are warning you). Please make sure you block domain names listed on http://www.medchecker.com/dissident/aids-dissidents.htm. You must do what you can to stop these web terroists/trolls before they take over your web site and any rational conversations! It may be a good idea to remove this entire thread...

AIDS apologists are those who know HIV leads to AIDS (proven by science, so much scientific proof) and we are defending the scientifically known fact that viral pathogenesis and progression of 'HIV to AIDS' causes the eventual need for combination therapies to prolong life. Mixed "AIDS Apologist" links here or find comments here from both sides (dissidents and the scientific community), but still about AIDS Apologist activities...

AIDS dissidents (better known as AIDS Denialists who are AIDS dissidence, dissidence is anti-establishment like, against science and progression, argumentative) deny HIV causes AIDS and claim the medications kill the patients (AZT "over use" alone started this myth in the late 80s, but medicine combo/therapies are working today in the year 2000+). Basically a group of non doctors and non scientists who challenge the conventional HIV/AIDS model or hypothesis and do not accept the proven evidence. These dissident groups seem almost fanatical by them posting the same message multiple times to a targeted list of internet websites (non dissident sites of course, clogging up the normal flow of reading material with intentions of shutting the sites down) and insulting/bashing anyone who may not agree.

What are AIDS dissidents? Find out who, what, where, when and why:

What are AIDS denialists all about? See the myths exposed:

Learn about how they are murdering HIV positive people:


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