When Exposing AIDS Fraud, Post The Source!

Anytime you post personal information about AIDS Dissidents (like Paul King) or AIDS scammers & fake cures, please post the link it came from so we know it was from a public webpage! We can do a search on Google for most keywords and easily find a public page holding the information or look in public domain databases, but sometimes it's not so easy...
By posting the document source where you found the info, it will allow me to go to that URL/link and post a warning for other web visitors! If it's a fake cure, I can say it is and give links to real HIV/AIDS treatments. If it is an AIDS dissident posting, I can warn the public what AIDS dissidence is about. If it is a scam or a myth, I can go and post some real facts. Decent way to promote my sites plus warn the world, two birds with one stone!



AIDS Dissidents Are Convicted Criminals

If you know any outstanding warrants or actual criminal reports about our infamous AIDS dissidents, please post it here! Please post the URL where you discovered the "dirt".

Find more AIDS Dissidents who were arrested HERE.



Even AIDS Dissidents Should Fight Paul King

Dear AIDS Dissidents (not Paul King, only real Dissidents),

What exactly is it that you want from forums like this or attacking MSN AIDS realist groups when you have absolutely no interest in learning about the real HIV/AIDS truths? It puzzles me why you would troll around these forums (post hundreds of repetitive postings) when they are set up by people eager to escape your evil nonorthodoxy, and you have plenty of your own. It is even more puzzling to me that you are so quick to begin attacking people and so slow to produce any scientific or experiential evidence to support your claims of "HIV is fake". Look in the mirror sometime as what I see from your writing is something more akin to a Neo-conservative Christian Fundamentalist than a rational human being engaged in a discussion of fraudulent treatment options and false theories of immune deficiency is fake.
Don't you dissident's realize Paul King is giving AIDS Dissidents a whacko look and feel? He is ruining you and the more he is provoked, the crazier he gets. He goes into forums and ruins the forum and everyone know this, no one will even bother reading the repeated postings and they can see that it is just fanatical crazy jerk. Even AIDS Dissidents should rid of Paul King if they want any body to possibly believe them some decade...
I heard a rumour that Paul King is actually an AIDS apologist who's mission is too make dissident's look bad with the crazy hacking and posting techniques, no one believes a whacko so let's make DISSIDENTS LOOK WACKO is the moto to Paul King!



Lastest AIDS Dissident Attack Campaign

Paul King has been on a rampant posting spree against me (DaveyBoy) claiming I am a CON ARTIST and other things becuase I have a few affiliate programs to make a few dollars off my web sites and I also ask for cash gifts.

At least he has less time to spread his hate and lies about other organizations, plus less of his anti AIDS propaganda is getting passed around (we all know he is practically alone with postings).

Please post comments to this thread (here) your support or links to where Paul King and other DissiDUNCE have posted so I can get a good laugh and reply to the nonsense.

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