There is no pro side to arguing, time is just being wasted that could go to fighting the disease! Don't waste your time proving false stuff wrong, try to do more good for HIV/AIDS, stop getting distracted! There is no way you can convince a dissident they are wrong (that is like convincing the Pope that evolution brought us here).

These AIDS dissidents would rather us waste our precious time fighting them than HIV/AIDS. If we are busy fighting dissidents, the the dissidents know that the death rates will increase and they are winning their battle to end the human race.

JUST IGNORE THEM, THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO HURT THEM! The more they know they get under your skin, the more they thrive (they live of misery, parasites of society). THe best thing to do is post a link to a real HIV site (like www.HIVAIDSsearch.com or www.HIVforum.com) and not even comment about what they said...

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